Diviande BREEAM-NL Outstanding certified

In 2017, Diviande started the construction of a new production location, including storage and distribution of its refrigerated and deep-frozen (meat) products and offices. Sustainability has been a continuous focus and construction took place meeting BREEAM-NL requirements. The new building has been in use for more than a year. Last month, Diviande was officially awarded the highest possible BREEAM-NL Outstanding certificate. The highest score, 5 stars (Outstanding), is unique for a food company and creates a distinctive position in the market.

Both national and international customers know Diviande to portion, process, package and freeze meat, meat products, carpaccio and meal components. In order to maintain growth and quality and to continue serving customers well into the future, a larger and more modern facility was necessary. Therefore in 2017 Diviande decided, in collaboration with Jan Zandbergen BV, to build a new facility. Construction is according to the highest BREEAM-NL requirements. The new location is equipped with the most modern and sustainable solutions, translating to less stress on the environment.

Significance of certificate
BREEAM-NL (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used method for the sustainability performance of projects. The production site of Diviande has been assessed on various categories such as Management, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land use and Ecology and Pollution. Diviande has achieved the highest attainable score of 5 stars (Outstanding). Particularly important were investments in heat recovery from the cooling motors and the high insulation value of the building, resulting in a gas neutral building.

Diviande is rightly proud of the BREEAM-NL certificate. Cees van der Pijl, director at Diviande: “We managed to achieve a beautiful score that is unique for a food company. It is a deserved reward for the efforts made by all involved. With the certificate we have a distinctive position in the market, and we can be an important link as a partner / producer for customers with a sustainability vision.”

In addition to acknowledging the performance, Cees van der Pijl also views the certificate as an encouragement. “Sustainability is not just an aspect during construction. It is a continuous process that you must and above all want to keep eye on. We will continue to work on improvements where and when we see them, whether it concerns the building, internal processes or innovative products. For us, the certificate is the basis for joining a new, sustainable decade.”