Our brands

We offer tailored solutions under private label. We also have a number of our own brands to choose from. Take a look at all our possibilities.


The Meatlovers brings the quality and experience of eating in a restaurant to the home table. The Meatlovers brand was designed to replicate the quality of the hotel and catering industry. Individual portions of high-quality meat available in the supermarket at a consumer-friendly price. Pure meat, vacuum-packed and professionally frozen to keep the quality as high as possible.
The broad range of products leaves a lasting impression thanks to its unique, robust packaging and the use of exclusive meat selected from the world’s top regions. The brand is transparent about the origin of the meat and from which technical part the steak is cut.
The Meatlovers challenges consumers to seek the chef within themselves. Michellin star chef Jonathan Zandbergen creates delicious recipes especially for products in The Meatlovers range that are shared with consumers.


Since 2020 we’ve started The Meatlovers webshop, making our high quality meats even more available to consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The consumer simply orders online and their products of choice get delivered chilled and fresh to their doorstep the next day. With The Meatlovers webshop, we bring the butcher to the consumer at home. We offer a broad range of various cuts, all from the best meat regions in the world. We also offer additional products such as rubs, sauces and cooking equipment.

Passion for Meat

The demand for transparency on animal welfare and the origin of meat is increasing. Consumers are looking for high quality frozen meats, preferably in smaller portions for convenience. Are you looking for an affordable product range with animal welfare on top-of-mind? The assortment of Passion for Meat is the right fit.

Passion for Meat are carefully selected meat products that are easy to prepare. They are tender, juicy and tasteful. The frozen assortment provides a long shelf life with less or no food waste. The products meet the controlled additional animal welfare requirements. So next to the good quality and the reasonable price tag, the products are also very sustainable.


With the meat products of Easy Cooking, restaurant chefs can prepare frozen steaks quickly and consistently. It saves both time and money in the kitchen. You do not have to defrost the meat beforehand as it can be prepared straight from the freezer. Besides, the result is always the same and quality is assured.

A delegation of well-known oven brands has since become acquainted with the products of Easy Cooking. For the most used brands (like Alto-Shaam, Turbochef, and Rational) there are pre-programmed settings available for the perfect preparation of various products in our assortment.

Portion frost

Portion Frost was developed specifically for customers on a budget. The range consists of various frozen meat products, including innovative steaks, hamburgers and more. Portion Frost products are extremely juicy and tender and are available for a low price.


The products of FiftyFifty respond to an important trend in the food industry. More and more consumers begin to favour vegetables over meat. For many, a diet containing less meat seems like a big step, and fully giving up meat is not something they look forward to. FiftyFifty contains a range of products, made up of 50% meat and 50% vegetables. A perfect balance for consumers looking to enjoy their dinner in a sustainable and healthy way. FiftyFifty is the best of both worlds.

Additionally, the products are packed in a recyclable packaging containing 80% less plastic. That way we contribute to the environment even more.

Private label

All our products are available under private label. We offer a full-service: from purchasing raw materials to the processing of the final products (according to your requirements) and the development of the packaging. Together we will come up with the perfect tailored solution.

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