About Diviande

“We are a production company with a market-oriented approach that combines reliability, food safety and customer satisfaction with innovation and sustainability”.

At Diviande, we act on the ever-changing market and its demands. We are an expert in identifying trends at an early stage and analysing consumer behaviour in order to develop the right concepts and products. Our employees are food professionals with a strong background in the butchery trade and new product development. Working in our modern production facility, the team is 100% committed to meeting our customers’ requirements.

We specialise in several scalable production techniques, which makes us a leading international producer of meat and meat alternatives. Our strengths are found in processing, portioning, packing and fresh pre-packing or deep-freezing. We can do this entirely according to your preferences and under private label. We also have several of our own brands to choose from.

As a pioneering company in the industry, Diviande understands the value of innovation. Our developers are dedicated to creating new products and improving the quality, taste, nutritional values and sustainability of our products wherever they can. With this we are also looking ahead to the future. That’s why we work with all kinds of proteins, such as those from plants. We do this in collaboration with our sister-company Future Food Group, which is integrated in our facility. We dedicated a special team and production hall for innovating plant-based products. Diviande is an expert in all aspects of the business and therefore the right partner for you.

Part of the Jan Zandbergen Group

We are part of the Jan Zandbergen Group. Together we are a strong innovative partner that can cater to your needs.

Importer and supplier of raw materials, producer goods, products and concepts in the area of meat, poultry, organic meat and plant-based meat alternatives.

Producer and packing firm specialised in frozen and fresh pre-packed meats and meat alternatives.

Product developer with a strong focus on vegetarian, plant-based and organic meat successors.



Founding of Diviande


Launch of Portion Frost


Acquired by the Jan Zandbergen Group


Launch of The Meatlovers


  • New production facility
  • Large production area’s
  • Refrigerator and freezer units
  • Built on BREAAM-NL standards
  • Experience Center


Integration of Future Food Group


Launch of The Meatlovers webshop


Launch of Easy Cooking & Passion for Meat


Launch of FiftyFifty


Start operational production plant-based products


Awarded the Audience Award of the “Regio Foodvalley Innovation Awards”


We have established an in-house experience centre which you are able to visit on invitation. The experience centre enables us to demonstrate the ins and outs of our production process, packaging methods and brands. It contains scaled-down examples of the machines used in our production facility. There is also a shop display and a full kitchen to do tastings.

When required, you could combine your visit to the centre with a meeting – all guests are invited to make use of our meeting room.

Made to measure

“Do what you say and say what you do” is our motto. Internally and certainly externally too. Our customers are always of central importance to us when it comes to service and clear communication.

Do you have a challenge (product-related or otherwise) that requires a specific solution?
We work with you to find the best solution for your situation and help you to make it a reality. Your requirement is our priority.