Diviande wins the “Regio Foodvalley” innovation award of 2021

Diviande received the Audience Award from Region FoodValley on Wednesday 29 September. The concept of Diviande, in which leftover meat from sustainable Kipster roosters and laying hens is used for the production of healthy, tasty ‘hybrid’ stir-fry strips, convinced the public to opt for this innovation.


Kipster was named the most sustainable company in the Netherlands in 2020. Laying hens are kept in an animal-friendly manner and the roosters are spared. Kipster’s meat products comply with the 3-star Beter Leven quality mark. Kipster works on a closed cycle in all areas. That is why it was looking for a way to also add value to the residual meat that remains on the carcasses. Kipster has found a partner in Diviande with whom this innovation has been able to take shape.


The product developers at Diviande have knowledge and experience with regard to the development of meat products, vegetable meat and fish substitutes and hybrid intermediates. The challenge for product development in collaboration with Kipster was mainly in the protein composition of the residual meat. This is different from regular meat and contains a lot of collagen. The option for a complete meat product was therefore quickly abandoned and a hybrid product was chosen.

The final product consists of a special combination of 25% animal proteins from Kipster residual meat and 75% vegetable proteins such as wheat, pea and soy. The sustainability of the product is not only of paramount importance for the animal, but also for the vegetable share. The vegetable ingredients come from sustainable European growers, such as soy from Austrian soil, where 85% of the energy in the processes is renewable.

The hybrid strips are not only sustainable, the product is also healthy. It has excellent nutritional value: high in protein, but low in fat and salt. The strips are already cooked, so ready-to-eat and they are suitable for all kinds of stir-fries.

“Winning the Audience Award is a huge honor for Diviande and a fantastic recognition for us as product developers. A confirmation that with our partnership with Kipster we have embarked on a beautiful sustainable path.”

– Jos Havekotte, Sr. Innovation Manager at Diviande

More explanation about the innovation in chicken & vegetable from Diviande is explained in this video.

Innovation Award Regio Foodvalley

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