What does Diviande do?

Diviande is a producer of quality meats, and has more than 25 years of experience in the sector. We specialise in providing meat products that have been divided into portions, vacuum-packed and frozen. We also develop tailored concepts for professionals and consumers through our own brands – including Portionfrost and Passion for Meat – and for your private label if you wish.

Our long-standing experience in meat production and deep-freeze technology provides a solid basis for delivering quality meat products and tailored services to our customers. What can we produce for you?

Target Groups


Consumers are increasingly seeking to replicate the restaurant experience in their homes. We meet this demand for quality meat head on by providing high-quality fresh and frozen meat products. Our products are delivered in portions of one or two cuts in attractive consumer packaging. We cater to both discount and high-end requirements.

Foodservice en Cash&Carry

If you run a restaurant or hotel that sees high guest turnover every day, you know the focus is on providing an excellent experience. In professional kitchens, quality and convenience are the top priorities. For this group, we provide individually-packed portions of meat. The quality is consistent, and the products are delivered in a convenient box. This saves you additional work in the kitchen and there is virtually no difference in terms of presentation.

Business 2 Business

We always offer our customers the chance to discuss any specific requirements they have, whether in terms of their company’s business processes or otherwise. We process, divide and package our meat entirely according to your preferences – and we can do so under your private label and/or using your own resources.

Our brands

Passion for Meat logo

Passion for Meat

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Easy Cooking Logo

Easy Cooking

Steaks that you can prepare frozen in the oven or microwave.

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The Meatlovers

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Your private label

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