Our strenghts

Research & development

We have our own dedicated in-house R&D department which enables us to go along with new trends and developments within the market, especially with our collaboration with Future Food Group. With experts like innovation managers, product developers, scientists and food technologists we work hard on the innovation and development of products. Next to our own expertise, we work together with other parties in various research projects and knowledge centres. We are located in the heart of the Dutch Food Valley and can tap into a strong network of partners for collaboration and innovation.


Diviande employs specialist methods and craftsmanship in everything it does. We take our products, divide them into convenient portions and vacuum-pack them for freshness. We specialise in providing deep-frozen products, but are equally adept at delivering fresh pre-packed products. Our butchers are experts at turning your resources into end products.


We have cutting-edge production lines that we use to manufacture products such as hamburgers, carpaccio and several meat cuts. Our main service involves cutting our high-quality meat into exact standard portions (by size and/or weight). Although cutting the product to size requires a great deal of manual craftsmanship, we use modern cutting lines and smart equipment where possible.

Our service of portioning has several benefits for the hotel and catering industry: it makes preparation simpler, cuts down on waste and ensures consistent presentation. For the retail sector, meat supplied in portions is the standard rather than the exception. It also allows us to offer quality meats in several portions directly to the consumer through our webshop The Meatlovers for example.

Diviande can deliver meat with additional touches, including marinades, breadcrumbs, herbs and spices. These preparations are done by using innovative procedures to ensure the flavour and tenderness while remaining good of colour. We have designed our production facility to be able to quickly and effectively respond to trends in food consumption.

Natural marinades

The meat matures in its vacuum packaging. During the process, enzymes break down the muscle fibres, which makes the meat more tender and richer in flavour. However, this does mean that the meat juices become lost, which causes the meat to have a tendency to become dry in the pan. By adding a marinade which has a neutral flavour, the meat remains juicy while it is being prepared while losing none of its great flavour. Our passion for craftsmanship and creating pure products means that we do not overcompensate with the marinade – we add just as much as is lost in meat juices. 95% meat = 100% solution.


Meat is a natural product that needs time to mature if it is to achieve the best possible quality. Meat tastes best during a very specific time window, and that is exactly when we process and freeze it with our deep-freeze technology. This stops the maturation process at exactly the right time. The freezing process is quick and professional, ensuring the meat is at its best when the time comes to thaw it again. One major benefit of frozen meat is that it can be kept for a long time without spoiling. We make sure frozen meat tastes exactly the same as when fresh.


As a sustainable company, we try to keep waste to a minimum. To counteract losses that arise during the cutting process, we can ‘stick’ pieces of meat together. This involves preparing products made from different cuts of meat. We use animal protein to ‘stick’ the cuts together. This is the best method in terms of the rate of return and price. It is also more respectful to the animal, as good meat is not simply thrown away.


Improving and innovating our production processes is ongoing. We have the knowledge, technology and capability to produce hybrid products and plant-based meat alternatives as well.

Our latest innovation is a range of hybrid products made from a combination of meat and vegetables. The meat consumption is reduced with 50% without giving up on taste and important nutrients. With our special hybrid technology, we also won the Audience award of the “Food Valley Innovation Award 2021” in collaboration with Kipster.

We produce plant-based meat alternatives in a separate production hall to prevent contamination with animal proteins. Our sister company Future Food Group is our innovative partner in this aspect of the business. With the latest cutting-edge technologies we are able to produce plant-based alternatives with the same texture, taste and mouth-feeling as meat, both fresh and frozen. For more information, go to futurefoodgroup.nl

This is just a glimpse of what our production processes can do. When it comes to fresh and frozen products, Diviande offers a huge range of options to consumers.


We offer a wide range of packaging options, like vacuum and/or skin-packaging. Vacuum packaging has a positive effect on the shelf life of the product. With this, there are also many possibilities for an attractive product presentation.

In addition to vacuum packaging, we can put each product in its own box (retail) or pack multiple portions in a convenient container. For larger portions, we can wrap the vacuum-packed product. We also provide MAP trays and Top-Seal packaging. Of course, the top seal can be made with pre-printed foil. Want a sachet of herbs or a recipe to be added to the packaging? We’d be happy to accommodate your wishes. We can also add labels to the packaging on which information can be printed as required.

We have our own brand of packaging in stock at all times, but would also be more than happy to deliver our products in packaging featuring your own design. A complete concept can be worked out for all our options.

We make sure to stay up to date with developments in packaging technologies and packaging materials, for instance where it comes down to sustainability.