We take our meat products, divide them into convenient portions and vacuum-pack them for freshness. We specialise in providing deep-frozen products, but are equally adept at delivering fresh pre-packed meat. We have set up our production facilities on our spacious premises to provide additional services as required and meet all manner of customer requirements.


Our main service involves cutting our meat products into exact standard portions (by size and/or weight). This service has a number of benefits for the hotel and catering industry: it makes preparation simpler, cuts down on waste and ensures consistent presentation. For the retail sector, meat supplied in portions is the standard rather than the exception.

In addition to dividing meat into individual portions, we can coat it with breadcrumbs or marinade it, turn it into hamburgers and more. We have designed our production facility to be able to quickly and effectively respond to trends in meat consumption.


We offer a wide range of packaging options. In addition to vacuum packaging, we can put each product in its own box (retail) or pack multiple portions in a convenient container. For larger portions of meat, we can wrap the vacuum-packed product. We also provide Top Seal packaging and MAP trays.

Want a sachet of herbs or a recipe to be added to the packaging? We’d be happy to accommodate your wishes. We can also add labels to the packaging on which information can be printed as required.

We have our own brand of packaging in stock at all times, but would also be more than happy to deliver our products in packaging featuring your own design. A complete concept can be worked out for all of our options.


Meat is a natural product that needs time to mature if it is to achieve the best possible quality. Meat tastes best during a very specific time window, and that is exactly when we process and freeze it. This stops the maturation process at exactly the right time. The freezing process is quick and professional, ensuring the meat is at its best when the time comes to thaw it again. One major benefit of frozen meat is that it can be kept for a long time without spoiling. We make sure frozen meat tastes exactly the same as when fresh.

Natural marinades

The meat matures in its vacuum packaging. During the process, enzymes break down the muscle fibres, which makes the meat more tender and richer in flavour. However, this does mean that the meat juices become lost, which causes the meat to have a tendency to become dry in the pan. By adding a marinade which has a neutral flavour, the meat remains juicy while it is being prepared while losing none of its great flavour. Our passion for craftsmanship and creating pure products means that we do not overcompensate with the marinade – we add just as much as is lost in meat juices. 95% meat = 100% solution.


As a sustainable company, we try to keep waste to a minimum. To counteract losses that arise during the cutting process, we can ‘stick’ pieces of meat together. This involves preparing products made from different cuts of meat. We use animal protein to ‘stick’ the cuts together. This is the best method in terms of the rate of return and price. It is also more respectful to the animal, as good meat is not simply thrown away.

Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability is an important theme to Diviande. Our improvements to products and production processes is ongoing. Our latest innovation is a range of hybrid products made from a combination of meat and vegetables. The meat consumption is reduced with 50% without giving up on taste and important nutrients. The products can be wrapped in a package containing 80% less plastic compared to usual packaging. This allows everyone to enjoy a nice bit of meat and put less stress on the environment.

Transparent, quick and made to measure

Our motto is “Do what you say and say what you do”. Internally and certainly externally too. Our customers are always of central importance to us when it comes to service and clear communication.

We can deliver our ‘standard’ products extremely quickly, as they are always in stock. Our production process is also equipped to handle specific orders and other requirements, with deliveries remaining quick and efficient.

Do you have a challenge (product-related or otherwise) that requires a specific solution? We work with you to find the best solution for your situation and help you to make it a reality. Your requirement is our priority.

Do what you say and say what you do
Marion HuismanDirector

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