Quality and Innovation

Our team is 100% committed to meeting our customers’ needs. Quality is the top priority here. At Diviande, quality goes much further than the quality of the product alone. We aspire to keep improving our level of quality internally and introducing innovative processes across all aspects of the business. Customer satisfaction serves as our basis here.

Food safety

When it comes to meat production, food safety is extremely important. Our employees fully understand the importance of food safety. As part of their commitment to the butchery trade, they are extremely careful and hygienic when it comes to handling products. Our entire production process meets strict quality and hygiene requirements, and we are BRC and IFS certified.

A production company with a market-oriented approach that combines reliability, food safety and customer satisfaction with innovation and sustainability.
Cees van der PijlDirector

Innovation and modern equipment

As a pioneering company in the industry, Diviande understands the value of innovation. Our developers are dedicated to improving the quality, taste and sustainability of our products wherever they can. We also use the latest technology on our premises. Our production room, for example, is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

Although cutting the meat to size requires a great deal of manual craftsmanship, we use modern cutting lines and smart equipment where possible. We use modern equipment when processing meat. As a company with a long history in designing concepts for frozen meat, we can draw on a great deal of knowledge and experience in deep-freezing technology. We also make sure to stay up to date with developments in packaging.

High care and allergens

Our modern production facility is home to two separate spaces for products requiring special treatment.

One is the high care department, an enclosed section of the facility in which we pack products in protective conditions (slightly excess pressure). The hygiene regulations and access controls are even stricter in this area than the rest of the production environment.

We also have a separate enclosed area for the preparation of products with ingredients containing allergens, which helps to prevent contamination. Strict rules apply in order to prevent cross-contamination on the company premises, including the following:

  • Work tools and machines are not permitted to leave the enclosed area. Each space uses its own materials.
  • Special clothing must be worn and a changing room must be used by personnel who enter the area containing allergens.

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