The retail market is always in a state of flux, and the products on offer change with it. Diviande is adept at identifying trends at an early stage and analysing consumer behaviour in order to develop the right concepts and products. From production to finding the right packaging, Diviande is an expert in all aspects of the business. Below is a selection of concepts that we have developed for the retail sector. If you are interested in one of our concepts or would like our assistance in designing your own, please get in touch.


Sustainability is an important theme to Diviande. Our improvements to products and production processes is ongoing. Our latest innovation is a range of hybrid products made from a combination of meat and vegetables. The meat consumption is reduced with 50% without giving up on taste and important nutrients. The products can be wrapped in a package containing 80% less plastic compared to usual packaging. This allows everyone to enjoy a nice bit of meat and put less stress on the environment.

Easy Cooking

Our latest product line Easy Cooking opens a whole new world for every meat lover. The preparation of meat in a pan is over. Select your favorite piece of meat, make a choice for the desired doneness and prepare meat products from Easy Cooking with minimal effort. In addition, you save a lot of time by using an air fryer, microwave or oven and the taste and structure are guaranteed.

The Meatlovers

The Meatlovers brings the quality and experience of eating in a restaurant to peoples’ doors. The Meatlovers brand was designed to replicate the quality of the hotel and catering industry. Individual portions of high-quality meat available in the supermarket at a consumer-friendly price. Pure meat, vacuum-packed and professionally frozen to keep the quality as high as possible.

The broad range of products leaves a lasting impression thanks to its unique, robust packaging and the use of exclusive ingredients selected from the world’s top regions. At the same time, the brand is transparent about where its meat comes from and from which technical parts the meat is cut.

The Meatlovers challenges consumers to seek the chef within themselves. Award-winning chef Jonathan Zandbergen creates delicious recipes especially for products in The Meatlovers range that are shared with consumers.

Portion Frost

Portion Frost was developed specifically for customers on a budget. The range consists of various frozen meat products, including innovative steaks, hamburgers and more. Portion Frost products are extremely juicy and tender and are available for a low price.

Private label Skin-pack

Vacuum skin-pack packaging in retail is here to stay. Vacuum packaging has a positive effect on the shelf life of the product. There are also many possibilities for an attractive product presentation. Additionally, Diviande can provide the skin pack with a top seal and / or sleeve or box. Of course, the top seal can also be made with pre-printed foil. We would like to discuss the possibilities with you for your private label.

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