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Consumer packaging does not always meet everybody’s requirements. In the hotel and catering industry, for example, larger portion sizes are needed. Other priorities in restaurant kitchens include quality and convenience. This also extends to quality products that look the same every time. At Diviande, we work with experts and top suppliers to make this a reality.

Easy Cooking

With the meat products of Easy Cooking, you can prepare frozen meat quickly and consistently. Prevent annoying delivery times, and save time and money with our new products. You do not have to defrost the meat beforehand as it can be prepared straight from the freezer. Besides, the end result is always the same and quality is assured. The Easy Cooking products can be tailor-made and are perfect for every type of kitchen.

A delegation of well-known oven brands has since become acquainted with the products of Easy Cooking. For the most used brands (like Alto-Shaam, Turbochef, and Rational) there are preprogrammed settings available for the perfect preparation of various products in our assortment.

Portion Controlled

We prepare individually-packed portions delivered in a convenient box with a transparent film or customised packaging. The meat is cut to size for you, so that it can go straight from the pan to the plate without having to change it in any way. This adds a professional touch, as every plate looks the same. It also ultimately saves you time in the kitchen, enabling you to provide your guests with a quicker, better overall service.


Diviande’s Carpaccio label is designed for those who need meat dishes for their table that require no preparation at all. We employ traditional methods to produce a range of carpaccio dishes tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. Our range includes beef, veal, vitello tonnato and deer carpaccio.

You can also specify what you need in terms of weight, number of portions, basic ingredients and origin. For example, we prepare our beef carpaccio using stocks from the USA, Australia and South America. Take a look at our fact sheet for a list of our most popular carpaccio products. As usual, you can select one of our packaging options or opt to use your own.


Diviande can deliver meat with additional touches, including marinades, breadcrumbs, herbs and spices. We prepare these additional touches using our established innovative procedures to ensure the flavour, tenderness and colour remain just as good. We also produce different types of burger, teppanyaki, breaded schnitzel and other convenience products.

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