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Aside from providing its own top-quality meat, Diviande is the number one address when it comes to preparing individually-packed products using your own basic ingredients. We process, apportion and package your products entirely according to your preferences – and under your private label if you wish.


Our butchers are experts at turning your resources into end products. Diviande employs specialist methods and craftsmanship in everything it does. For example, we cut our T-bone steaks and vacuum-pack, freeze and package them in-house. We have cutting-edge production lines that we use to manufacture products such as hamburgers and carpaccio. This is just a glimpse of what our production processes can do. When it comes to fresh and frozen meat, Diviande offers a huge range of options to consumers.

What can we produce for you?

Getting the most out of your by-products

As a sustainable company, we try to keep waste to a minimum. In that sense, we can ‘stick’ pieces of meat together that would otherwise be thrown away during the cutting process. This involves preparing new products made, for example, from cuts of meat that have been overlooked. We take the pieces of meat and ‘stick’ them together using animal protein. This ensures the best possible rate of return while keeping the price low. It is also respectful to the animal, as good meat is not simply thrown away.

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