New skin-pack packaging line at Diviande

Since Diviande moved to its new premises in Veenendaal last March, the company can grow in every way. That’s why a new skin-pack packaging line could be installed recently, which is now fully operational.

Both national and international customers know Diviande to portion, process, package and freeze meat, meat products, carpaccio and meal components. Traditionally Diviande specializes in supplying deep-frozen products, but freshly pre-packaged meat has also long been possible. With the new skin-pack packaging line the options for fresh products have been further expanded.

Vacuum skin-pack packaging in retail is here to stay. Vacuum packaging has a positive effect on the shelf life of the product. There are also many possibilities for an attractive product presentation. Additionally, Diviande can provide the skin pack with a top seal and / or sleeve or box. Of course, the top seal can also be made with pre-printed foil.