Introduction FiftyFifty, best of both worlds

Under the brand name FiftyFifty, Diviande offers an innovative range of products, made up of 50% meat and 50% vegetables. FiftyFifty is a wonderful option for consumers seeking to strike the right balance between healthy nutrition, sustainability and flavour. This innovative concept is a perfect answer to the current trend whereby a growing number of consumers consciously opt for less meat and more vegetables. In addition, FiftyFifty presents a great solution for the parents of children who are ‘picky’ about eating vegetables.

FiftyFifty’s range of hybrid fresh products forms a true enrichment of the existing offer. It bridges the gap between meat on the one hand and vegetarian products on the other. The FiftyFifty selection offers consumers the best of both worlds: they can cut down on their meat intake without having to make any compromises when it comes to meat’s flavour and valuable nutrients. And products from the FiftyFifty range aren’t just a healthy choice for consumers; they also help reduce their environmental footprint. FiftyFifty’s products not only contain 50% less meat – the hyper-modern packaging also cuts plastic waste by 80%.

Simply less meat, with particularly tasty variations

FiftyFifty’s flavour-packed range is an ideal alternative for flexitarians. And FiftyFifty can also provide a solution for children who aren’t fond of vegetables. These children will not only eat 50% more vegetables than usual; they’ll also become familiar with a considerably larger variety of vegetables. Because all in all, FiftyFifty’s product range incorporates over 15 different vegetables. FiftyFifty allows everyone to strike the optimum balance between sustainability, healthy nutrition and flavour.

The concept of 50% vegetables is also visually represented on the products’ packaging. The packaging includes a photograph of the prepared product, accompanied by the key vegetable ingredients. The range currently consists of 12 different products, including a Beanloaf, Breton Schnitzel, Mushroom Schnitzel, Cutletto, Burger – Italian Style and Burger – Mexican Style. FiftyFifty will be available at various retailers from early next year.