Easy Cooking

The ultimate convenience concept for every kitchen. Easy Cooking offers an assortment of several steaks: portioned, consistent and above all: delicious. Easy Cooking is available for foodservice. Do you offer Easy Cooking within your range yet?

From freezer to plate

With the bake-off products of Easy Cooking you quickly and consistently prepare frozen steaks. Always the same result, the same portions and the same quality on every plate. Perfect for every chef and every kitchen.

  • Convenience in the kitchen: saves time and costs
  • Easy to prepare from frozen in the oven
  • Less waste, long shelf life
  • Guaranteed consistent end result: rare, medium or well-done
  • Tender and flavourful
  • Fit for all professional kitchen ovens (Turbochef, Rational, Alto-shaam)


Our assortment

Beef Ribeye

Beef Entrecote

Beef Tournedos

Beef Filet Mignon

Beef Round Steak

Beef Medaillons

Pork Medaillons

Chicken Medaillons

Veal Medaillons

Lamb Medaillons